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Noblewell logo white red dot 749efe0549dd3f78c18878fcd01935c57f9cf150cfd68cdd2568fbd345553309

About Us

Noblewell is a medium size CRO company. We primarily operate in CEE (Central and Eastern European) region of the European Union, thus enabling our clients to access millions of potential subjects.

We are able to approach each of our partners individually and provide them with services that are tailored to their needs and within the budget limits. All these factors spiced up with an experienced and committed leadership makes us the team allowing you to reach Grand Prix in your clinical trial.

We maintain the highest quality of our services to meet the EMEA, FDA, and other regulatory bodies’ requirements. This means providing high quality services for value, return on investment, support in clinical research, data management and biostatistics.

All of our personnel have a sound formal education. Their competence is maintained and enhanced through a continuing training program and regular attendance at scientific conferences and industry and government sponsored workshops and courses.

Thanks to our knowledge of the regional market and regulatory affairs, our company may significantly reduce the time span necessary to develop and introduce new drugs or devices into the market.

We work hard to earn our clients' trust by consistently being responsive to their needs and by meeting and exceeding their expectations. In carrying out our purpose of improving healthcare worldwide we are committed to acting with integrity and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Noblewell provides comprehensive, integrated medical device & drug development services. We bring operational excellence, scientific expertise and innovative technologies in clinical research. With extensive experience in all classes of medical devices, we understand the special requirements of medical device development process and use a precise combination of resources and expertise to bring a successful product to the market.

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Dariusz Joseph

CEO & President

Our Passion and Commitment

Noblewell helps to improve healthcare by providing a broad range of professional services, information and partnering solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. We work primarily in the European Union, thus enabling our clients to access almost 500 million citizens in 27 countries.

Our experience and knowledge of the market, as well as scientific and regulatory conditions, enable us to approach each of our partners individually and to create them the best working conditions.

Whether the project requires limited support or an extensive package of services, we provide our customers with flexibility to choose a combination of services that best complement their in-house resources.